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MBA graduates: the consultants of tomorrow


Hakimeh Purmehdi

MBA’s have become core to the success of many companies today. But what exactly do they learn in an MBA program? How does it prepare them for a consulting career?

(This article is inspired by questions we asked ChatGPT)

The future of consulting is no longer about the classic data crunching alone. It is about being able to communicate with business leaders, helping them make decisions that matter. A master’s degree in Business Administration can provide you with the tools and skills needed to be a strategic career consultant. As an MBA graduate, you’ll be able to make a difference in organizations large and small by bridging the gap between what they want those MBA grads to learn,and what they need their consultants to do. In fact, according to the Sloan Survey of top employers across four industries (Retail (2), Banking & Finance (2), Healthcare Services (1) and Media & Entertainment) every single one of these top employers are looking for MBA graduates who are skilled in:CommunicationStrategic ThinkingCrisis MindsetData Analysis

If you're interested in a consulting career, an MBA can prepare you for success. Whether you already have a career or are new to the workforce, an MBA can open up new opportunities for you.

The traditional way to understand how an MBA program prepares you for a consulting career is by comparing the courses you take in the MBA program with courses taught at a business school. This can be helpful but it doesn't take into account the accelerated learning that happens when you're immersed in a high-performance environment.

Building upon the individual's strengths, advising individuals and organizations on critical issues, understanding concepts and skills related to your profession and its industry, having professional relationships with clients and peers, using your knowledge to improve organizational performance.

The world of business is constantly changing, and an MBA program can help bridge that gap. Our guide outlines the skills you can learn in an MBA program and the job market for MBAs.

The skills you learn in an MBA program are invaluable, and they can help you improve on your career as a consultant. An MBA has the potential to take your career to new heights, both in terms of the clients you can attract, and the skills and knowledge you need to be able to successfully lead engagements.

The consulting world is booming. The skills you learn in an MBA program will prepare you for a booming career in technology, biotech and business consulting. More than ever before, we need leaders who can think critically, collaborate effectively and communicate efficiently.

The business world is changing. The way you approach, solve and deliver solutions is becoming more important than ever before. If you want to thrive in today’s rapidly-evolving consulting environment, then a graduate degree in business is essential. And it comes with benefits that are hard to find anywhere else.

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