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Globalization In the New Age


Mostafa Purmehdi

The era of globalization is upon us. Globalization is heading towards decentralization and decentralization towards democratization.

(This article is inspired by questions we asked ChatGPT)

The era of globalization is upon us. In the age of globalization, the international community is changing its life. IoT, AI and blockchain are among the most important trends that have brought great changes in people’s lives. Globalization is heading towards decentralization and decentralization towards democratization.

Globalization is in the new age. The internet has changed how people interact with each other and information sharing is easier than ever. Artificial intelligence means machines can now do work that used to be done by human beings. Blockchain technology is helping keep records secure, providing the proof needed for business transactions. Social media has been around for a long time but has only recently become a mass medium because of its accessibility to a wide audience. Decentralization means there are no central authorities controlling things — everything is fair game.

Globalization has brought many benefits to the world. The internet brings information and technology that was previously unavailable at affordable prices across borders. Artificial Intelligence can improve productivity, health and safety through automation of repetitive tasks. Blockchain technology has been popularized due to its potential financial applications; however, its underlying blockchain technology is being explored in other industries for example in the healthcare sector. The slow pace of adoption due to a lack of industry standards may be solved with a decentralized platform which incentivizes developers to collaborate on a common protocol rather than stand alone offerings.

These are just a few of many examples of how technology and globalization have impacted the world we live in, as well as how it could impact our future and how we can prepare for that future.

Globalization, in the new age, is a combination of digital currency, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Internet, artificial intelligence and blockchain are three emerging technologies that will change the way people do business and create jobs. They’re also changes that affect our world in very real ways. And they will ultimately lead to great opportunities for people with the right skills.

  1. The artificial intelligence revolution allows businesses that were once on the sidelines now to take center stage.

  2. The blockchain technology has become an increasingly popular method for recording business activities, allowing for decentralized systems to come about without former intermediaries being required between companies and customers. 

  3. As businesses are able to better connect with their customers via social media, they are able to develop more rapport with them and therefore gain a more positive reputation among potential clients. 

Businesses, organizations, and individuals can turn their attention to development and implementation of distributed ledger technology (DLT) platforms, artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics and other key technologies to increase efficiency, as well as facilitate business inter connections using social media, blockchain and internet platforms.

The possibility of globalization and the internet age, in addition to artificial intelligence, blockchain and social media, has many advantages and disadvantages. The advantages can help us to solve many problems in our daily life such as economic problems created by economic inequality. However, the disadvantages are that we may lose control over some privacy issues and exchange of ideas between various groups around the world that make it difficult for communities to understand each other.

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