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Young Professionals

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Amidst 2022-23 layoffs, young careers have never been so much in danger! The downward economy, inflation, and disappearing many jobs thanks to automation and artificial intelligence, etc. all contribute to a feeling that your life and career need a big change! For many, it feels like a complete U-Turn.

A U-Turn Plan requires a powerful vision and advanced tools to protect your family, wealth and career.

"I highly recommend this 3-day experience for people who are overwhelmed with the fast pace of the changes in the job markets!"

Testimonial from 36 year-old accountant 

(Vancouver, Canada)

The U-TURN™ Boot Camp 

"Quest to Find Your Purpose"

The U-TURN™ is a 3-day fully-immersive program designed for young professionals who are contemplating changing their career lanes. Once you sign up for the boot camp and receive your VR headset in the mail, you will be able to virtually explore a selection of virtual environments to engage in game-like activities. These games will challenge you to build your U-Turn Plan for your future. 

The boot camp also offers an optional VIP service, The Accountability Care Package (AC Package), that gives you access to our expert coaches who will help you realize the breakthroughs that you planned with full force. Our Accountability Coaches will hold you accountable to show progress, they provide you with hot-line support, and teach key skills that cultivate the and shape you into the best person you will be in the next 10 years of your life!

The boot camp: Origins

This boot camp is developed out of a popular classroom assignment of mine that I originally designed well over a decade ago for my business school students. The objective was to help my students with life/career goal setting. More than 1000 students of mine over the last 10+ years have participated in this assignment. The original assignment was a simple classroom activity which took only an hour to complete. Over the years, I have added elements to it from the extensive body of research in areas of psychology, neuroscience, and motivation theories. 

I am constantly in awe by how effectively humans can program their brain to build a life that automatically achieves their dreams. I have received numerous messages, emails, or phone calls from elated former students, who shared that their visualization assignment has magically become their true reality, even before they hit the 10-year milestone!

Case Study

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The Problem

  • David is a young professional who feels burnt out and is hungry for a fresh start. After a few years of experience building a career for himself, he feels that he has ended up in a dead-end career which is increasingly threatened by automation and AI.

  • David remembers to have an entrepreneurial spirit in the past. He feels that it is time for that spirit to be unleashed again. He is looking for a new career or a new business venture opportunity that gives his life a purpose. 

Our Solutions

We offer the "U-Turn: Quest to Find Your Purpose" boot camp in 3 packages to young professionals between 25 to 44 who are contemplating bringing positive change to their personal and professional life: 

  • VR package: 3-day VR experience (with complementary VR headset) 

  • VR Pro package: VR features plus 1 year ACP included 

  • VIP package: 1 on 1 in-person experience with me and my team of experts

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