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Our marketing services focus on building and strengthening relationships with your customer base online and offline, via creating contagious marketing campaigns. We will build marketing analytics dashboards for you to monitor the performance of your campaigns. We will help you identify your brand strengths and weaknesses and create brand assets that support your market positioning.

The Era of Social Media Marketing

Book Introduction: "Contagious" written by Jonah Berger

This useful book starts with a big question and asks you to guess: What percentage of "word of mouth (wom)" is created online? People spend an average of 2 hours online—daily. The answer is that research shows only 7% of WOM is created online. They spend most of their time offline. Obviously online WOM is easier to see and track. An average tweet reaches 100 users whereas offline WOM is 1-to-1.

However, do not forget that people who are flooded by content rarely see all those posts. Case and point: 50% of ALL YouTube VIDEOS get less than 500 views.

TAKEAWAY: To build Buzz around your product and brand, you need all three elements to create contageous content: WOM, digital marketing, social media marketing. DANGER: SOCIAL MEDIA IS A TECHNOLOGY NOT A STRATEGY.

DIY: The book explains how to create contageous content in-house in 6 easy steps:

Create Social Currency

  • Add Triggers

  • Add Emotion

  • Make it Public

  • Bring Practical Value

  • Tell Stories


Case Study

For Specific Solutions, Pricing Quotes and more information.

The Problem

  • Can't get online customers: Do you have a digital business strategy? What kind of online presence do you have? (website, landing page, social media, etc.), What's the story you are telling your online customers? Do you know technical SEO to improve Google rank?  Have you tried running Google ads to show before your competitors in searhes?

  • Can't run effective social media advertising: Do you have a social media advertising strategy?  Have you run any social media ads in the last 3 months? Do you have anyone to develop your ad creative?

  • Overwhelmed with daily social media management: Do you have a content marketing strategy? What kind of optimisation do you run on your Social media? Do you have a professional photographer/videographer for monthly photoshoots (photo and video) about your business? Do you publish regular weekly posts? Do you have time to engage with comments and followers?


Our Solutions

  • Core Digital Business package: Digital business strategy, branding and logo design, website/landing page design, story telling, technical SEO, Google ads, quarterly full report

  • Social Media Advertising package: Social media advertising strategy, Social media ads, ad creative development, quarterly full report

  • Social Media Management package: Content marketing strategy, Social media optimisation, monthly photoshoot (photo and video), publishing regular weekly posts, engaging with comments and followers, monthly engagement report


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