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Our business consulting services for entrepreneurs focus on the relationship between your customers and your organization. We will help you identify customer & financial objectives that shape the future of your business. We will establish internal processes in your organization that support those objectives, and help you invest in learning and growth opportunities that empower your key staff.

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Case Study

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The Problem

  • Can't get online customers: Do you have a digital business strategy? What kind of online presence do you have? (website, landing page, social media, etc.), What's the story you are telling your online customers? Do you know technical SEO to improve Google rank?  Have you tried running Google ads to show before your competitors in searches?

  • Can't run effective social media advertising: Do you have a social media advertising strategy?  Have you run any social media ads in the last 3 months? Do you have anyone to develop your ad creative?

  • Overwhelmed with daily social media management: Do you have a content marketing strategy? What kind of optimisation do you run on your Social media? Do you have a professional photographer/videographer for monthly photoshoots (photo and video) about your business? Do you publish regular weekly posts? Do you have time to engage with comments and followers?

Our Solutions

  • Core Digital Business package: Digital business strategy, branding and logo design, website/landing page design, story telling, technical SEO, Google ads, quarterly full report

  • Social Media Advertising package: Social media advertising strategy, Social media ads, ad creative development, quarterly full report

  • Social Media Management package: Content marketing strategy, Social media optimisation, monthly photoshoot (photo and video), publishing regular weekly posts, engaging with comments and followers, monthly engagement report

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