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College Students

Virtual headset


Are you a college student who feels stuck in his life or her career, or both. Are you feeling stagnant and overwhelmed when you think about the future?

Do you sometimes wish you could have an auto-pilot program in your head to effortlessly focus on the direction that you desire?

"I highly recommend this experience for people who are at the crossroads of their lives!"

Testimonial from 22 year-old business school student 

(BBA graduate from CU Boulder)

The PREVIEW™ Boot Camp 

"Quest to Find Your Vision" 

The PREVIEW™ is a 3-day fully-immersive program designed for college students and people who are contemplating changing their career lanes. Once you sign up for the boot camp, you will receive a VR headset in the mail which allows you to virtually explore a selection of environments. In those environments, you will be asked to complete a number of activities and tasks to immersively visualize your goals and dreams. You will be able to virtually Preview the breakthroughs that you plant in your future life or career, and crystalize a distilled version of those breakthroughs in the VR environment, called The Hologram. Your Hologram will be stored in a private and secured vault.

The boot camp also offers an optional extra service, The Accountability Care Package (ACP), that provides personalized accountability assistance by our expert coaches to help you realize the breakthroughs that you visualized with full force. Our accountability coaches will provide you with hot-line support, hold you accountable to your progress, and teach key cognitive and business skills to cultivate the right mindset and skills that you need to shape you into the person you will be in the next 10 years of your life!

The boot camp: Origins

This boot camp is developed out of a popular classroom assignment of mine that I originally designed well over a decade ago. The objective was to help my students with life/career goal setting. More than 1000 students of mine over the last 10+ years have participated in this assignment. The original assignment was a simple classroom activity which took only an hour to complete. Over the years, I have added elements to it from the extensive body of research in areas of psychology, neuroscience, and motivation theories. 

I am constantly in awe by how effectively humans can program their subconscious mind with instructions to achieve their dreams. I have received numerous messages, emails, or phone calls from elated former students, who shared that what they had written in their visualization assignment report has magically become their true reality today, even before the infamous 10-year milestone!

Case Study

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The Problem

  • A college student feels stuck in his life or her career, or both, overwhelmed when thinking about the future.

  • He/She feels they have an entrepreneur spirit that needs to be unleashed, eager to actualize their potential but afraid of taking the risk.

  • Looking for an auto-pilot program to effortlessly focus on the new direction that they desire.

Our Solutions

We offer the Preview boot camp in three packages to college students between 18-25 who are on their quest to find a life vision. 

  • VR package: 3-day VR experience (with complementary VR headset) 

  • VR Pro package: VR features plus one year of ACP support included 

  • VIP package: 1 on 1 in-person boot camp with me and my team of experts

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