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Coming Soon To Apple VisionPro

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The PreView™ Virtual Reality 

GOAL : "Quest to Find Your Purpose and Make a Career of It."

The PreView™ Boot Camp is a fully-immersive program designed for students, graduates, young professionals who are contemplating starting or changing their career lanes and struggle to achieve results. The boot camp can be experienced both in virtual reality (VR)  and/or in-person (VIP).


  • STEP 1
    Put on the complementary VR headset that we send you in the mail.
    Pro Tip: you can also use your Apple ProVision device.

  • STEP 2
    Explore the boot camp environment.
    Pro Tip: Achieve your first points by completing the Orientation event.

  • STEP 3
    Start building your PreView.

Boot Camp Orientation Agenda


Overcoming Fears 

In DAY 1, we learn that fears (negative visualization) and positive visualization share the mechanism behind the curtains. We learn the skill of using this mechanism to replace fear by on-demand visualization to overcome personal and professional life situations.


Wealth & Freedom

In DAY 2, we learn about growing positive cash flow from two income sources: active (your career) and passive (your passions). We will also learn how to build financial freedom into a career. 


Plans & Accountability

In DAY 3, we learn the skill of resilience and learn to use the power of accountability to progress personal and professional goals. 

The Nex3

Coming Soon early in 2024

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