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3 Day Bootcamp

Coming Soon in Fall 2023

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The PreView™ Boot Camp 

GOAL : "Quest to Find Your Purpose"

The PreView™ Boot Camp is a 3-day fully-immersive program designed for students, graduates, young professionals who are contemplating starting or changing their career lanes. The boot camp can be experienced in-person and/or in virtual reality (VR).

Boot Camp Origin


This boot camp is developed out of a popular classroom assignment of mine that I originally designed well over a decade ago for my business school students. The objective was to help my students with goal setting in their life/career. More than 1000 students over the last 10+ years have participated in this assignment in one of my classes.


The original assignment was a simple activity for classroom which took only an 20 minutes to complete. Over the years, I have added elements from the extensive body of research in areas of psychology, neuroscience, and motivation theories and turned it into an immersive 3-day experience, which is the PreView™ Boot Camp. 



Fear vs. Visualization

In DAY 1, we learn the mechanism behind fear and that of visualization. We learn to use visualization to overcome fear in personal and professional life.


Wealth & Financial Freedom

In DAY 2, we learn about building positive cash flow from active and passive income sources. We also learn the difference between wealth and financial freedom. 


Plan & Accountability

In DAY 3, we learn how to plan interim goals to achieve the initial visualization and stay accountable to it at least for a decade. 

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