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  • Sometimes people feel stuck in life or career or both. Are you feeling stagnant in your life or career right now? You don't have to stay there!

  • Do you have an unleashed entrepreneur spirit? Are you looking for your  true breakthrough moment? Do you know how to make it happen?

  • Do you want to see for yourself what your ideal life and career will look like? Would it be interesting to set up an auto-pilot program in your head to effortlessly get you there when you are busy enjoying life?


Build a Live Hologram™ of your future life/career during a three-day experience, "The Boot Camp". Store your Live Hologram™ in a private digital vault (with private and FREE access for 10 years). Receive Accountability Care Package (ACP) every year to make sure you will not miss the marks you have made into your future. 


If you answered YES to all 3 opening questions above, this boot camp is designed for you. Apply NOW via Twitter: Start by clicking on the Tweet button above and tweet out your #1 goal for taking this boot camp. Applications are reviewed monthly. Accepted applications will be contacted directly in order to receive an offer of enrollment and the instructions to start the boot camp.


There are two enrollment options: (1) Every year, I provide this boot camp for FREE to all my students. (2) For other applicants, there are currently limited spots available to register. Please apply via Twitter or contact directly for pricing information.



Stephen Covey, Author

“Visualization and affirmation techniques emerge naturally out of a foundation of well thought through purposes and principles that become the center of a person’s life.”

Conor McGregor, MMA Fighter

On visualizing and day-dreaming success : "I keep having vivid dreams of success. Then it’s time to sleep.”

Jim Carrey, Actor


“Visualization works if you work hard. That’s the thing. You can’t just visualize and go eat a sandwich.”

* Successful people




This boot camp is a game. It is developed out of a popular class assignment that I originally designed well over a decade ago. The original assignment instructed students to visualize their life and career 10 years into the future and submit a report. Over the past decade, I reviewed many of those visualization reports and I am constantly in awe by the number of emails I often receive from elated students, that their visualization report has magically become their true reality! So far, more than 2000 business school students from different countries around the world have participated in this assignment with me.


Over the years, this assignment has evolved into a 3-day fully immersive experience, where participants visualize and experience their future breakthrough and crystallize it in what I call a Live Hologram™ of their future life! This hologram will be stored in a private digital vault with an access key for the participants that expires only after 10 years. During the 3-day boot camp, participants will also learn several key cognitive skills from me and my team of experts, to cultivate the right mindset and skill set, aimed to help them achieve their desired future life! 


The boot camp is followed by an optional 10-year Accountability Care Package (ACP), offered to successful participants who would like to receive more focused and 1-on-1 accountability assistance from me and other mentors to actualize their hologram! This, is my best version of this game, yet! Care to play?















Watch these success stories, where Jim Carrey and Michael Phelps share their stories of how the power of commitment to a visualization played an important role in making what they achieved, possible. I can show you tens of people with such stories of success made possible through the power of positive visualization and committing to actualizing it. On the other hand, there are even more public and private stories of failed endeavors, often because they lacked either the visualization or the commitment. This power is a knowledge to be received, and a skill to be acquired! Let your new story begin. Apply via Twitter!

Disclaimer: I did NOT coach Michael Phelps nor Jim Carrey. I am using their life story as evidence from people that you all know and whose success you have witnessed time and time again. It proves the power of visualization and commitment. Thank you! 


"The Toxic World of Self-Help"

One last thing, please watch this video. I agree with the general argument laid out in this video which is "the space of self help businesses including coaching industry has seen many disappointing instances of taking advantage of the customers and feeding off of their vulnerabilities." This is disgusting in my personal opinion! But you cannot control everyone to act responsibly, I guess. I am aware of this shortcoming: In designing this boot camp I actively tried to stay away from that cliche of self help guru style and to focus on providing you with the maximum tools that you can use today! I also turned the communication funnel upside down: Instead of clogging your social media by shoving advertisements about this boot camp, I have designed an application process where YOU must take the first step and show your commitment, to your future self not to me, by applying publicly on Twitter with hashtag #Apply4BootCamp. This public commitment will be your first step in accountability. You're welcome!


So, what are you waiting for? 

Meet The Experts


Dr. Ezzat Mogazy 

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Ezzat is a registered Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. He is a PhD, I-MD, former physical therapist and the Founder at www.mybesthealer.com 


Jewels Marshon

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Jewels works with clients on Accountability & Strategy. She is  trained as a life and business coach with a background in real estate investment.


Peter Vercio

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Peter lives in Boulder, Colorado and does consulting for startups and entrepreneurs around fundraising, strategy, and burnout. www.petervercio.com