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A   N E X 3   B O O T   C A M P 

"For people who are at the crossroads of their lives"

(Student, 22 years old, BBA graduate from CU Boulder)

  • Are you a college student who feels stuck in his life or her career, or both. Are you feeling stagnant and overwhelmed when you think about the future?

  • Are you someone who feels they have an entrepreneur spirit that needs to be unleashed? Are you eager to actualize your potential but you are afraid of taking the risk?

  • Are you an employee hungry for a fresh start? Do you feel you have ended up in a dead-end career that does not fulfill your dreams? Do you sometimes wish you could have an auto-pilot program in your head to effortlessly focus on the new direction that you desire?

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AN immersive experience 

Heart & Hands

The PREVIEW Boot Camp is a 3-day fully-immersive program. You will receive a VR headset in the mail after you sign up, which allows you to virtually have experiences, visit a selected number of locations, and complete a series of tasks that enable you to visualize the breakthroughs that you would like to see in your future life/career. Your visualization of those breakthrough moments will then be crystallized and distilled into a Virtual Reality 3D Hologram (VR-Holo ) that will be stored in a private and secure digital vault, accessible via the VR headset, for free, for 10 years. 

The boot camp offers an optional and complementary service, The Accountability Care Package (ACP), including personalized accountability assistance by our expert coaches to help you realize the breakthroughs that you visualized with full force. Three accountability coaches will provide you with hot-line support, hold you accountable to your progress, and teach you key cognitive and business skills to cultivate the right mindset and skills that you need!

The boot camp: Origins

This boot camp is developed out of a popular classroom assignment that I originally designed well over a decade ago, to help my students with life/career goal setting. More than 2000 students of mine have so far participated in this assignment. The original assignment was a simple task which took only an hour to complete. Over the years, I have added elements to it from the extensive research in psychology, neuroscience, and motivational theories literature. I talk about those theories and studies in the boot camp. I am constantly in awe by how effectively one can program their subconscious to achieve one's dreams.  I frequently receive a message, an email, or phone calls from elated former students, who share that what they had written in their visualization report had magically become their true reality, even before the 10-year mark!


apply: a preview of your future, today!

If you answered YES to any one of the 3 questions I asked on the top of this page, the PREVIEW boot camp is designed for you. APPLY NOW to start your journey to build your future:

  • VR Basic package: the 3-day experience with VR headset (not live, no ACP included)

  • VR Pro package: basic features plus one year of ACP support included

  • VIP package: pro features plus 1 on 1 real-time with me and my team of experts


There are limited spots available to register every year. Applications are reviewed in the order that are received. Accepted applications will be contacted directly to receive an offer of enrollment, a complimentary VR-Holo package and instructions to start the boot camp. What is holding you up from taking action right now?

Apply Now!

Meet The Experts

ezzat moghazy

Dr. Ezzat Moghazy 

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Ezzat is a registered Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. He is a PhD, I-MD, a former physical therapist and the Founder at www.mybesthealer.com 

jewels marshon

Jewels Marshon

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Jewels helps her clients align their life purpose with strategies that work. She is an Accountability & Strategy Consultant with a background in fundraising and business development.

peter vercio

Peter Vercio

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Peter lives in Boulder, Colorado and does consulting for startups and entrepreneurs around fundraising, strategy, and burnout. www.petervercio.com 

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