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Albert, Startup Co-Founder



Business Consulting

We focus on the relationship between your customers and your organization. We will help you identify customer objectives that fulfill your financial goals and shape the future of your business. We help to establish internal processes in your organization that support those objectives, and outline the  learning and growth opportunities that empower your key staff and personnel.


Blockchain Solutions

We look towards the future of blockchain technology, exploring its longer-term implications in your industry. We will help you discover opportunities to apply web 3.0 (blockchain-based) applications in your industry, and help you research & build proposal documents in support of those applications to solve problems within your current or future organization.


AI / IoT Solutions

Our services empower you to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in your industry. We help you build your AI/IoT solutions in relationship with other emerging technologies, including blockchain technology.

Who Are Our Clients

New economy is around the corner; and everyone is somehow preparing for it. Which group of clients do you identify with? Click on a category to see what we can offer you.




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Nex3 team is a dynamic group of specialists and experts in various fields of business and technology. We are currently hiring for a number of our key positions. If you are a self-motivated and growth-oriented individual, you can apply to one of our open positions now!