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Hi there, it is a pleasure to meet you, my name is Mostafa! I am a social scientist with a PhD in marketing and an MBA in business. Every day, I wear different hats: an academic researcher, a teacher, a business consultant, and at times an entrepreneur. You are visiting my "home-office" website where I share updates from my current and future projects. The title of the website, Nex3, comes from one of such projects and also hints that you can always read about my next 3 projects here. Learn more about my projects by clicking here or scrolling down this page. 

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Currently, I am a marketing faculty member at the University of the Fraser Valley, in the School of Business.  In Winter 2021, I will be teaching Economic & Business Statistics (BUS226) and International Marketing (BUS421).

I meet students on various platforms. Propelled by the impositions of Covid-19 pandemic, a high demand surged for online content that combines quality education with the comfort of staying at home. Today, students can attend an online course and make great savings by cutting out commute and accommodation costs entirely! I have set up Mostafa's Extended Classroom on Udemy, As part of my Flipped Classroom strategy. Soon, you will be able to find my mini-courses on various topics that complement the experience in the classroom. These online courses are available to the public, but will be FREE for my UFV students.

Thomas Pepperz

Data Scientist, former student


"Of course there are many great professors at CU Boulder, including many Nobel Prize recipients; however, the one professor I would recommend is Dr. Mostafa Purmehdi..."


As an academic, I do research to extend our shared knowledge of social sciences that benefit consumers. My PhD dissertation specializes in "Customer Protection and Advocacy" (Read about it on Google Scholar.) I am interested in investigating the issues around marketing strategies (digital and global), public policy and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the future implications of the new Blockchain technology in business practices interest me a lot. Currently, I am working on a few papers and projects on customer revenge behavior, digital warning labels, product recalls, blockchain-oriented CSR, and marketing of the arts infused with NFTs.



I have been working with several businesses over the years. I help them in various stages of their business life and my input is often around questions of marketing strategy, early-stage business development and new product development. Some of my satisfied clients are listed below:

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